Our construction division coexists with Optima Durant Development projects in Pennsylvania, New York, and Texas. Independently, we will also bid on ground-up and/or adaptive reuse projects such as:

– Mixed-use construction (retail, commercial, office, residential)
– High-end, single-family homes in select premium markets

Our competencies include:

– Cost estimation / budgeting
– Project feasibility
– Project management
– Consulting services for third party analysis
– Ability to work with both union and non-union labor
– Trusted network of highly skilled local and regional engineers, forensic consultants, architects, expeditors, surveyors, designers, and subcontractors – mill workers, electricians, plumbers, carpenters
– Expertise in wood frame, glass, concrete and steel
– Established relationships across regions with local politicians, city / town economic development officers, key influencers, brokers, lawyers, barbers, and historical Society commissions, etc.

Project size: $10M-100M, including all hard and soft costs.

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