Optima Durant Group is a fully integrated real estate company that focuses on development, construction, design and property management. Optima Durant, the motto of the founder’s long-time primary childhood school, translates to The Best Endures. The Company was founded in 2017 and pursues projects within the New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas markets.

Company Overview


Providing investors ground-up and re-development opportunities within commercial and residential real estate


Providing the full suite of construction management services for Optima Durant Development projects as well as independent construction projects.


Providing integrated property management services for commercial and residential assets


Providing integrated design services for commercial and residential assets

A letter from the president

Optima Durant Group was born from my lifelong passion for real estate, design, and aesthetics. Growing up on Long Island, I was always searching for historic structures, properties, and mansions to sketch and appreciate. My long-time primary school motto “Optima Durant” translates to The Best Endures, and the meaning has always resonated with me. I selected this motto for the namesake of my company to draw inspiration, by reminding myself to think long-term. The Company name also serves as a reminder to stay connected to what is important and to think boldly and creatively when approaching challenges. 

Optima Durant Group is the assemblance of vertically integrated and complementary companies that are suited to help one another execute collective goals. We built this company to have a true foundation for sustainable growth and view the group platform as a means to ebb and flow with the times in order to perform competitively for generations to come. 

Optima Durant Group is a unique real estate company that considers real estate an ever-relevant asset class, while being poised to capitalize on competencies and opportunities in adjacent businesses over time.

Garett M. Vassel

Founding President

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